Cyprus: Listen to “Running”, Sandro’s song for Eurovision 2020

The Cypriot entry for Eurovision 2020 has been launched recently. “Running” with which Sandro will compete in the Cypriot colors at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place on May 12, 14 and 16 in Rotterdam, is already on Panik Records Youtube.

The symbolisms of the song

As you read in our article yesterday, “Running”, is a pop dance song that, in conjunction with Sandro’s special tone, “captivates” from the first listen! RIK’s team believes in both the song and Sandro’s ability to convey the message on Ahoy stage.

“Sandro’s philosophy is that music must be authentic, honest and aiming to reach people’s hearts. This is of course reflected in “Running”, the song that will compete in Rotterdam. “Running” is a dark story with biographies that highlight the struggle against the adversities and thunderstorms we face in life. Having been depressed himself, Sandro’s appearance on stage will signal the tunnel of darkness that we must continue to run through, under adversity or disaster, but also the strength needed to stand up and not fall”.

(RIK for Running)

That is why we see in the video clip that various natural disasters such as Australian fires etc are reflected in this.

The lyrics

“I don’t feel like talking, let me sit here alone.
The phone’s calling, I just pick it up

Very tired of running from these demons
Tired of running out of these demons, I don’t see any more
I don’t see anymore

But I keep on running, I keep on running
I keep on running away
Now I keep on running, I keep on running
I don’t wanna fall again

Drowning out my memories, from the night before
Door’s knocking, just leave me alone

Looking – losing
My energy – tripping
Anybody tow me back home

(Yeah yeah)

Standing naked
Putting on fake smiles
I don’t want to be sad anymore

I don’t wanna fall again

Not gonna fall again”

The creators of Running

The song is signed by Australian-born composer and performer Alfie Arcurie, who won first place at Australia’s “The Voice” in 2016 and participated in last year’s national Eurovision final. Other members of the synth group are German singer and songwriter Octavian, singer and music producer Sebastian Metzner Rickards, Sandro himself, and Teo Arkitekt. The artistic director is one of the leading choreographers and directors, Marvin Dietmann, who, among other things, edited Austria’s Eurovision 2014 appearance.

The director of the video clip is Alexandros Kostelidis, who is the director of the video clip of Anna Vissi “Burning Wheel” and many other important projects.

Cyprus at the Eurovision Contest

This is the 37th Cyprus participation in the competition, which is now the country with the most entries without a win. The debut was made in 1981 with Monika and an impressive sixth place. Until the end of the 90s, Cyprus was often in the top ten. But since 2004, when the semi-finals system began, and by 2014, it was able to pass the semifinals in just three cases!

This has changed drastically since 2015, with small Cyprus only qualifying. The highlight of all this good course, of course, was second place in 2018 with Eleni Foureira and “Fuego”.

Last year Cyprus was represented by Tamta with “Replay”, occupying the 13th position with 109 points in the Grand Final of Tel Aviv.


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