Eurovision 2020: In Mid-April the decisions regarding COVID-19

Eurovision 2020 Committee have a meeting in Rotterdam today about the consequences that the spread of coronavirus may have on the smooth running of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, two months from today in Rotterdam. Despite differing opinions, everyone agreed that the decisive decision on the fate of the contest would be made in a month from now, sometime in mid-April, since it is now too early to make any estimates about the spread of the virus and the its consequences.

Rotterdam’s chief tourism adviser, Wethouder Kasmi, said there was no reason to cancel Eurovision 2020.

“There is no reason to cancel Eurovision 2020. There will be a new review in mid-April on how things are going. By then we have time”

As the mayor of Rotterdam said, authorities are working closely with the national health agency and any measures they deem appropriate will be taken. So far, however, preparations for the competition are still underway.

There were also voices opposing the above, after Geert Koster, a council member, pointed out that it was irresponsible to bring so many people to Rotterdam when all the details of the new virus had not yet been ascertained.



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