Eurovision 2020: Parties Canceled in Riga, Tel Aviv and Madrid | Standby from London, Amsterdam and Moscow

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading to more and more countries, all events and events planned for the next period are canceled or postponed. Of course, the Eurovision Pre Party, held annually before the contest, could not be an exception in Moscow, Riga, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, London and Madrid.

Three of those have already been canceled, giving fans and reporters an appointment next year. The organizers of the parties in Riga, Tel Aviv and Madrid have decided not to risk the artists, but also those who wish to be involved, to cancel them at least for this year.

Amsterdam, Moscow and London are on hold waiting to see the pandemic unfold, to make their final decisions, always in cooperation with the health authorities. However, it is very difficult to imagine that these parties would not have the fate of the others that were canceled.

In the Netherlands there are even bans on people gathering more than 100 until early April, bans expected to continue in April. Russia and the United Kingdom still do not have such bans, and according to what their governments say they are not expected. But the question is who will travel in the midst of a pandemic when there are travel restrictions in most countries!

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