Eurovision 2020: The Opening Ceremony at Rotterdam Cruise Ship Terminal

While rumors are mounting about a possible postponement or cancellation of Eurovision 2020 due to coronavirus, the organizing authority has just announced the venue for this year’s Opening Ceremony. This is a clear example of how the processes are proceeding normally. The purpose of the Dutch organizers is to be ready in any case.

Rotterdam will host the 65th Eurovision Opening Ceremony on Sunday, May 10th. Of course, a prominent part of the Opening Ceremony is the reception of the artists on the “red carpet”. The carpet and the subsequent Opening Ceremony will be hosted at the cruise ship terminal in the port of Rotterdam. It is a multipurpose space that hosts various music and non-events.

Rotterdam wants to host a waste-free Eurovision, being one of the pioneering cities in the world in this field. This year’s carpet will be largely made of recycled materials. That is why it will not be red but gold. Gold symbolizes the value of waste in a constantly changing world. Waste is worth a lot nowadays, with people having to take care of it. The carpet, which will be circular in shape, will show us that waste is often an important raw material for new products.

After their spectacular arrival on the scene, the artists will complete their stroll along the terminal talking with a portion of the international press. EurovisionFun will be there on a mission to bring you various big and small secrets from the magical world of Eurovision!

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