Eurovision 2020: Today the Heads of Delegations meeting to be held in Rotterdam

In the shadow of the coronavirus, today’s annual meeting of the Heads of Delegations participating in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Rotterdam. Greece, like other countries, will not attend, but will participate in the meeting online.

For the first time in its history, the contest  is so threatened

For the first time in many years the scenario is being planned for the Eurovision Song Contest not to be held on its scheduled date. The outbreak of coronavirus, which is increasing in all countries of Europe  we would say is a rate, has forced many governments to take action. in order to limit the spread of the virus.

Among these measures are the cancellation or closed doors of the organization of mass events, where there is a large concentration of people. A recent example of this was the DMGP 2020 in Denmark, which, although it was normal, did so without spectators.

Absences at the meeting

We are therefore keen to await the Heads of Delegations  present in Rotterdam today and any announcements / decisions regarding the possible impact of the coronavirus on the smooth running of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest on 12, 14 and 16 May in Rotterdam .

We remind you that apart from the Greek Head of Delegation which will be  absent, the Head of Delegation of Sweden, Finland and Israel have announced their absent as well.. At the EBU headquarters in Geneva, Jon Ola Sand and other ] executives will attend the meeting, as a case of a coronavirus identified as an employee of the organization has quarantined all employees.

We are anxiously awaiting the announcements of today’s meeting, which will of course be the official submission of the 41 EBU entries for this year’s contest.

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