Iceland: Daði Freyr responds to rumors about Netflix

“Netflix doesn’t push the song in any way” – these are the words of Daði Freyr, the frontman of Daði og Gagnamagnið, the Icelandic representatives at this year’s Eurovision. In recent weeks, the band’s “Think About Things” section has become a sensation in all social media and with a large number of celebrities expressing their love.

Supporters range from Hollywood actror Russell Crowe and designer Bridal Princess Diana to one of Britain’s leading political journalists.

Viral phenomena, by their very nature, spread rapidly through the internet, and for no reason at all. But some Europeans seeking to make sense of a pointless world have come up with their own theory – Netflix pays verified Twitter users to support Daði and the band as a way of promoting Will Ferrell’s upcoming Eurovision movie on the Netflix platform.

Daði Freyr denies rumors about Netflix

Speaking in a blog by Birta Rán and Guðný Rós – the creative mind behind the music video “Think About Things” – Daði says:

“We didn’t pay Russel Crow to share the video. We didn’t pay anyone to share anything. The only thing I paid for was to make the video, to make the costumes and the material to make the instruments.

Many people really believe that Netflix is ​​paying to promote us and the reason is supposed to be that our song is in next season’s Stranger Things. This is not the case.

Netflix doesn’t push the song in any way. It would be great if Netflix really paid to promote the song, I’d be okay with it and wouldn’t be ashamed to say it because it would be great. But that’s not the case”.

Iceland at Eurovision 2020 – The Conspiracy Theory with Netflix

There are dozens of reports on Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere, but the situation is about as follows.

Netflix is ​​making a Eurovision movie starring Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams and several other Hollywood A-Listers. In the film, the central couple plays two Icelandic singers competing in a song contest.

In some of the behind-the-scenes photos, Ferrell is seen with long hair, bringing something of the Daði style.

From this summary, we move on to the “Think About Things” which goes viral. The logic is that Netflix is ​​undertaking some sort of special marketing strategy to promote the movie by promoting the song.

According to the theorists, the streaming giant is either paying or asking celebrities to send backing tweets.

So far, none of the famous tweeters have responded to online rumors. However, British journalist Rob Holley – the man who first uploaded the video to Twitter – told a fan that “I tweeted because I’m a fan. As I did with Alligator or Verona. How Does the Internet Work? Do you honestly think that fans like me and you have been deceived? ” Despite the explanation, he appeared to remain convinced.


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