Italy: “Fai Rumore” on the streets because of the coronavirus

For a week now, starting in Lombardy, Italy has been in full quarantine due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, as both outbreaks and deaths in the country have been increasing steadily.

Italy’s once-crowded streets are now reminiscent of a dead country, with its citizens unwilling to remain quiet for much longer, wishing to make “some noise” as the title of this year’s Eurovision entry, “Fai Rumore ”.

From the balconies, windows and ceilings of their homes, the Italians are trying to regain some courage because of the pandemic that has ravaged the planet, singing “Fai Rumore” while following the instructions of the state to stay in their homes ( #RestaACasa).

Diodato, for his part, shares via his Instagram account, posts by locals who reproduce “Fai Rumore” loudly on the quieter streets of Italy.

The lyrics of “Fai Rumore” fit perfectly into suffocating quiet Italy as the song refers to an unusual tranquility among people:

You make noise here
And I don’t know if it’s good for me
If your noise suits me
But make noise, yes
Because I can’t stand it
This unnatural silence
Between me and you.

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