Latvia: With Samanta Tina at Eurovision 2021

Just minutes after the official cancellation of Eurovision 2020, Latvian public television has already announced that Samanta Tina will also represent the country in 2021. The news of the cancellation of the competition may have gone down in the ears of the Eurofans everywhere, but the participating countries are not ending their plans for the next Eurovision. Thus, Latvia follows the Netherlands, Spain and Croatia, which will be represented by the same artists in the next Eurovision.

Samanta Tina tweeted on her official Twitter account confirmed that she will be competing in Eurovision 2021! Indeed, she joked about her surname turning it into “Karantina”. So giving in a way a sense of humor to the difficult days of the old continent!

Samanta Tina was due to represent the Baltic country in May with the song “Still Breathing”. She has only to “hold her breath” for another 14 months to get to the stage of our favorite contest!

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