Lithuania: Roop will not travel to the Netherlands for postcard filming

The coronavirus pandemic puts a stop to the travel plans of Lithuanian representatives. Roop, one of Eurovision’s big favorites this year, canceled their pre-parties and postcard shootings!

That means they will not be performing at the London Eurovision Party on March 29 and at the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam on April 4. Thus, the two big parties will be held without the presence of The Roop. Of course, they hope that the situation will have been  improved by the end of April so that they can participate regularly in Rotterdam in May!

The Baltic Sea has taken various measures in the fight against coronavirus. Among other things, schools and universities and public services have been closed to prevent further spread of the virus.

They do not travel for postcard shooting

At the same time, the band decided not to travel to the Netherlands for postcard filming this weekend. This adds another headache to the organizers, who are called upon to manage a very unfavorable situation.

As The Roop singer Vaidotas Valiukevičius explains:

“We do not want to endanger our health or public health. We will follow the government’s recommendations to avoid traveling abroad. We believe that prevention is the key to getting everyone back to normal”

The band’s guitarist, Mantas Banišauskas, features:

“The world must be very united right now. Now is not a time of war, but a period of concentration. We look forward to meeting everyone in May in Rotterdam and want to spread the good dance virus of On Fire to the world”

For his part, the head of the Lithuanian delegation, Audrius Giržadas, sees this decision as the only reasonable choice in this emergency:

“It is regrettable that we have to delay the planned trip of our delegates. But such a decision is the only right step in this case. When dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, we must be responsible and avoid as much as possible the external dangers and visits”

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