Malta: Croatia rejected “All Of My Love” Before Destiny

The singer and songwriter, Bernarda Brunovic, made a breakthrough for “All Of My Love”, the song that marks Malta’s participation in Eurovision 2020. revealed that “All Of My Love” had also been submitted to Dora, the Croatian national final for the competition, but was rejected.

Bernarda as a permanent resident of Switzerland was initially involved in the Swiss national selection. Together with Boris Milanov they wrote a song, with an interpreter, but it was not selected. At the same time in Vienna they wrote a new song, “All Of My Love”, which they decided to deposit in Croatia, again with Bernarda performing. The song was not even selected there.

At the end of February, Malta’s public television contacted Boris Milanov, asking for his song about Destiny, as they had not yet found anyone. The song proposed by Boris Milanov was “All Of My Love”, which Malta public television accepted, after making some necessary changes to fit Destiny’s voice better.

“We have agreed to retain my rights as a composer and to join Eurovision in vocals, but I will have my time in the song where I will be performing solo, but this is a surprise. The song has become very good and with a few changes to the instrumentation”

(Bernarda Brunovic)

In addition to Boris Milanov and Bernarda Brunovic, the composer team of “All Of My Love” includes Sebastian Arman, Dag Lundberg, Joacim Persson and Austria’s Eurovision 2018 representative, Cesar Sampson.

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