Romania: Natalia Gordienko as a guest at the national final

A last minute news report. Yesterday, the grand winner of the Moldovan national final, Natalia Gordienko, will appear as a guest at the Romanian national final, which is being held tonight in Buzau.

The relations between Romania and Moldova are well known, since it would not be an exaggeration to say that they are the same nation. Each year the Moldovan representative appears in the Romanian national final or vice versa, depending on who will be ahead of time.

Not long ago we confirmed that Natalia Gordienko would indeed be in Buzau and interpret “Prison” for her Romanian fans.

Along with Natalia Gordienko will be Loreen, Ulrikke representing Norway in this year’s contest, as well as Cypriot representative  Sandro, who will present a new version of Fuego and Replay, specially prepared for this!

You can watch the Romanian national final at 20.00 CET time. by clicking HERE.

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