Russia: Listen to an excerpt from the song “Big Big” for Eurovision 2020

An excerpt from a song by Little Big about Eurovision 2020 was released online shortly before.

The title of the song will be “Uno dos quattro”! The official release of the song is expected within the next few days, with the song’s main release date being Sunday, March 9th!

Who are The Little Big?

Little Big is one of the most famous bands in Russia. The band has been releasing throughout its seven-year run of 3 records and 9 singles. It consists of 4 members:

– Ilya Ilich Prusikin
-Sergey Gokk Makarov
– Anton (Boo) Lissov
-and Sonya Tayurskaya

The Little Bigs characterize their band as a satirical art collaboration based on music, graphics and performance. To a large extent their songs satirize some of the most widespread Russian stereotypes. At the same time, through their art they bring their audience closer to Russian tradition and Russian folk music. When asked about their possible future participation in Eurovision last year, they had openly expressed their desire to represent Russia in the near future!

The band has been heavily influenced by a multitude of artists representing different genres of music. Among others, Little Big’s discography has influences from Mozart and Vivaldi to Rammstein and Red Hot ChilI Peppers!

Their latest big hit “Skibidi” has gone viral worldwide, surpassing 360 million views on YouTube!

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