Russia: Little Big “Uno” on YouTube Trends in Many European Countries

The popular Little Big band will be Russia’s representatives at the 65th Eurovision Contest. They will sing on the stage in Rotterdam the bubblegum-pop “Uno”.

The song was released alongside the video clip a few hours ago and has already surpassed 12 million views! Obviously, the majority of the projections come from Russia itself as it is a country with a population of over 145 million – as is the case with Russian participation each year – and yet another factor in their impressive views of participation is the fact that the clip was released live on the official Eurovision YouTube channel and not on their own.

However, “Uno” has already caused a sensation outside of Russia! The clip has entered YouTube trends in a number of European countries including Ukraine, France and Germany.

In detail, yesterday 13/3 “Uno” was found in the following countries trends:
# 1 Russia, Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine

# 8 Germany

# 11 Israel

# 16 Finland

# 17 Austria, France

# 19 United Kingdom

# 21 Spain

# 23 Czech Republic

# 29 Norway

# 37 Poland

# 45 Denmark

At the same time Russia is in the 5th place in the box office victory show while the band invites fans everywhere to follow the #unovisionchallenge in the app of Tik Tok!



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