Sweden: Last minute change in the way the results are announced at the Melodifestivalen 2020 final

A last minute change has been announced recently by Swedish public television SVT on how to announce the results at the Melodifestivalen 2020 final!

The eight-member international jury will announce their ratings as they did last year. The differentiation will be made in the announcement of the public rating. What was true was that the results of the televoting were announced from the song that received the fewest votes, until it received the most.

This year this is changing and harmonizing with the system applied to Eurovision 2020. Anyone who is last behind the ratings of the international jury will announce the rating he received from the television audience. Then they will move on to the next coke. The ratings he received from the audience, the song that topped the jury’s ratings, will be announced recently.

“We believe that this change adds to the excitement of the program and that the outcome is more unpredictable in this way”.

(Karin Gunnarsson, producer of Melodifestivalen 2020)

The member of the international jury

The countries that will vote as international committees at Melodifestivalen are:


At this point let’s say that in 7 previous Melodifestivalen there was a committee from Cyprus, and in 2 there was a committee from Greece.

In the age group the teleconference at Melodifestivalen

With last year’s voting by age group, things get more complicated. Initially it would not be possible to vote via sms, as the producers of Melodifestivalen emphasized that sms votes were minimal. The only way to vote will be by phone or special application.

In-app voting will require you to state your age. Viewers will be divided into seven categories as follows:

Green: 3 to 9 years old
Turquoise: 10 to 15 years
Blue: 16 to 29 years old
Purple: 30 to 44 years old
Pink: 45 to 59 years old
Red: 60 to 74 years old
Orange: 75 and above

The eighth category will be voting by telephone, where age cannot be ascertained. The heart at the bottom of the screen will simply change colors based on which age group votes the most. It can have three different colors at the same time, making it difficult to see which ages exactly each song most votes for. Each user of the app will be able to give up to five hearts (votes) per song.

Source: SVT

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