Moldova: Exclusive details on Natalia Gordienko’s song for Eurovision 2021!

Natalia Gordienko confirmed earlier that she will be the Moldova’s representative at Eurovision 2021 and now we can share with you everything we know so far. The song that Natalia will perform in Rotterdam next year, will have nothing to do with the song with which she would compete in this year’s contest.

Dream Team has already ready Natalia’s song

Something that can describe Dream Team, is their organization and methodical work. Thus, as Stefania revealed for the Greek entry that has already been composed, always speaking in a logical context, since it is only July and any song will undergo many changes until its presentation, the same applies to the Moldovan entry. Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philipp Kirkorov have prepared something that fits Gordienko perfectly.

First of all, to say why we saw it written on other websites, there is no question that Natalia Gordienko should go to the Eurovision Song Contest with a song by other composers. She had stated that her dream and condition for her to participate in Eurovision again, was to do it with the Dream Team.

How will the Moldovan entry for Eurovision 2021 be like?

Let’s go to the song now. The first thing we can say is that it will have nothing to do with Prison, this year’s song of Natalia Gordienko. The song will be a dance track… a lot of dance! Its sound and not its melody, we can say that it will be reminiscent of Maruv’s entry, with which she would represent Ukraine in Eurovision 2019, the Siren Song.

The explosive presence of Natalia Gordienko, in combination with such a song, as well as the stage direction of Fokas Evangelinos, is hoped by the Dream Team to bring a very good result overall.

In September, Natalia Gordienko is expected to come to Athens to make the first recording of the song, which will be titled a word that matches with her presence. The time is enough for the video clip of the participation to be launched by the end of January.

Natalia Gordienko has a different strategy for Eurovision 2021. Until then, let us remember Prison, her song for Eurovision 2021:

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