Belarus: Eurostars are divided into camps for the civil conflict!

Belarus has been on an unprecedented course of instability and concern for the past month following the results of the August 9th presidential election. The former Soviet country has attracted global interest because of the strong reaction of its citizens to the face of the longest-serving leader in the country’s history, Alexander Lukashenko, directly questioning the outcome of the recent presidential election. The country’s eurostars are taking a stand, with most on the side of the insurgents.

The chronicle of the demonstrations

Ongoing opposition protests in Belarus saw the largest turnout yet over the weekend, following days of public rallies against the disputed reelection of President Alexander Lukashenko.

Hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators gathered in Minsk and other Belarusian cities demanding free and fair elections. Protesters are seeking the release of all political prisoners, justice for perpetrators of human rights abuses and the resignation of Lukashenko.

An unprecedented wave of protests have swept across Belarus in recent days after users on social media started sharing videos and photos showing security officers brutally repressing demonstrators angered by the official results of the disputed presidential election. On August 9, incumbent President Lukashenko claimed victory with more than 80% of the vote. It was his sixth consecutive win since 1994, when he took over the country.

Independent exit polls are officially banned in Belarus, but according to civil society activists and members of opposition, Lukashenko’s support was only because of extensive vote rigging. Activists claim that the president’s opponent – Svetlana Tikhanovskaya – won the race with 65-70% of the vote. Tikhanovskaya had entered the race after authorities jailed her husband, Sergei Tikhanovsky, a popular blogger who tried to launch a presidential campaign.

Now Tikhanovskaya has left the country to Lithuania, where her children were already there, expressing fear for her own life and that of her children. With videotaped messages she urges protesters to remain on the streets. No one knows what will happen to Belarus, as president Lukashenko in the last hours he ordered the army to disperse the protesters.

Eurostars take a stand in the crisis

The artists who represented Belarus in previous years in the competition could not, of course, remain silent in all this by taking a stand on the facts. Most of them are in the demonstrations, on the side of the opposition, some have chosen to remain silent, while only one is on the side of Lukashenko.

Who are on the side of the opposition?

First and best we would say are Litesound, the band that represented the country at Eurovision 2012. In fact, shortly before the elections, they released the Belarusian version of their participation, with messages in favor of the opposition. They are in the demonstrations every day, as they inform us through their social media.

This year’s representatives of Belarus VAL also did not hesitate to show their preference for the opposition, also participating in anti-government demonstrations, while expressing their grief over the police violence.


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Учора здавалася: ўсё пачыналася 🤍♥️🤍 16 августа 2020 День, когда беларусы впервые настолько сильно почувствовали себя единым целым. Ощутили себя нацией, сплочённой вокруг общих целей. Начали просыпаться, осознавать, кто мы такие. Не стыдиться, а гордиться этим. Мы устали, что нас игнорирует система, обветшалая постсоветская система, которая совершенно не соответствует времени и континенту, где мы проживаем. А когда площадь Независимости, хоть и ненадолго, стала пешеходной—люди почувствовали СВОБОДУ. А ведь у нас никогда не было свободы слова! Нам не позволяли свободно выражать мысли и идеи в школах, в университетах, в гос учреждениях. Готовили из нас винтиков системы. Но мы не поддались. И сейчас показываем, какая мощь у нас внутри. Нас продолжают запугивать внешними угрозами, прибытием российских войск, силовыми структурами нашей власти. Но никто уже не боится. Ведь все знают, кто ответственен за преступления против беларусского народа. И они ответят за всё, когда придёт время. Наш народ в целом не интересовался политикой, и теперь понятно, почему. Потому что политики, к которой могли бы быть причастны простые граждане, у нас долгое время не было. Не было государства, где ты можешь ощущать, что в принципе имеешь какое-либо значение. Мы всегда чувствовали, что совершенно не созданы для этой системы. И теперь настала пора создавать новую. Где каждый будет чувствовать свою значимость, где хорошие идеи не будут давиться на корню, а будут поддерживаться и развиваться. И сейчас у нас есть огромное желание стать полезными в сфере культуры в Новой Беларуси! ⠀ Верым, можам, пераможам!♥️✊🏻✌🏻

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη VAL = VLAD & LERA 👽🖤👽 ( στις

Naviband, Alekseev, Ivan and Uzari, either by participating in opposition demonstrations or simply by posting them on social media, took a stand in favor of the need for political change, thus supporting the protesters’ struggle.


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Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη NAVIBAND (@naviband) στις

Those who are silent

Of the representatives of the last decade, two have not expressed a position publicly and there is an explanation for both. TEO, which traditionally maintains a very good relationship with the country’s public television, after presenting various of its shows, preferred silence. Zena did the same, where her young age may play a role.

Lukashenko’s supporter

The only eurostar in the country to openly support the current president of Belarus is Alyona Laksaya. Alyona represented Belarus at Eurovision 2013 and according to what she states, she wants to be in the competition again. Maybe that is her motivation.

We hope that these conflicts will end as less bloodily as possible, ending for the good and justice of the citizens of Belarus!

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