Greece: Listen to the song that Leea Nanos submitted to ERT for Eurovision 2020!

Leea Nanos, the Greek-origin artist from Australia, who in 2019 at Australia Decides claimed the representation of her country of residence in the Eurovision contest, revealed in her statements today the song she submitted this year in the closed selection of ERT for Eurovision 2020!

Bad Girl was Leea Nanos’ proposal on ERT

Speaking to infegreece, Leea Nanos revealed that her proposal for Eurovision 2020 was Bad Girl. A song that she released in January 2020 and after ERT, confirmed Stefania as the Greek representative in Rotterdam.

Leea Nanos had in every obvious way made public her desire to represent Greece in this year’s competition and so her wish came true, sending to ERT Bad Girl, a song quite different from her participation in Australia Decides last year .

Cyprus is her goal for Eurovision 2021

ERT may not have chosen her, but Leea Nanos does not give up and aims to represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2021.

My family is Greek and my culture means the world to me. Going to Greece a couple years ago I felt like I was home. I would be honoured to represent Cyprus I saw some of the acts like Foureira who represented and she has inspired me so much as an artist, I would love to follow in her footsteps. The love I have received from Cyprus and Greece online has been so overwhelming and I’m so grateful, I would love to make them proud.

I do have new songs and projects in the works that I am very excited about. The vibe of the new music is different to what I usually do but 100% where I want to go with my music. It’s empowering and upbeat. I am reaching out to the broadcaster and to many people and hopefully they will hear my music.

Leea Nanos to infegreece

Leea Nanos’s name is added to the artists who have already expressed their interest in the Cypriot representation at Eurovision 2021, shortly before RIK starts any procedures and discussions for this purpose. The interest of all artists this year is focused on Cyprus, since Greece confirmed Stefania as its representative for the next year’s contest..

Would you like to see Leea Nanos represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2021?

Source: infegreece
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