Greece: Sabrina who was a candidate in the national final of 2003, believes that should have done better than Mando!

Sabrina who was a famous Greek singer, mostly in 90s and 00s, gave an exclusive interview today on Open TV. Among the other things she was asked was about her attempt to represent Greece at Eurovision 2003.

In the national final organized by ERT that year, which was the last open national final (which anyone could submit a song), Sabrina participated with her song Camera, taking the third place. Mando represented eventually Greece, with Never Let You Go, while the second place was taken by Giannis Vardis with Mia Stigmi, although he was first in the overall public vote (phone calls and sms).

Sabrina in her statements to Open TV believes that she should have represented Greece, as she would get a better position.

I believe i should have gone. It was a very clever song and I think we would get a better position than the one we got that year. People were wrong!

Below you can see the whole interview of Sabrina in the show Summer #not:

Do you think Sabrina would have done better than Mando’s 17th place?


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