UK: Sarah Dawn Finer would love to represent the country at Eurovision 2021!

Although Sarah Dawn Finer has not been able to represent Sweden, in all the attempts she made at the Melodifestivalen, she has associated herself with the Eurovision Song Contest, as few artists in her country. Now, with a post on Twitter, she publicly expresses her interest in representing her father’s homeland at Eurovision 2021, the United Kingdom!

Sarah Dawn Finner, 39, has participated twice in the Melodifestivalen and has presented it three times. Eurovision fans literally adored her as Lynda Woodruff, at Eurovision 2013 and 2016 held in Sweden, with her humorous videos going viral.

In a Twitter post, Sarah Dawn Finner, who has a British father and an American mother, but was born and raised in Sweden, making a remarkable music and television career there, says she is now ready to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2021.

At the same time, again on Twitter, she rules out participating in Melodifestivalen 2021, while she also denies the posts of the previous days that wanted her to participate, even as a composer.

So far BBC has not clarified how its representative will be selected in the next Eurovision song contest.

Below you can see Sarah Dawn Finner performing with Dotter, Bulletproof, at the night of the presentation of the video clips of this year’s participations, on Swedish public television:

Would you like to see Sarah Dawn Finer, representing the UK at Eurovision 2021?

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