Belarus: “VAL WILL NOT represent the country in Eurovision 2021”, BTRC announced!

In a simple announcement, Belarus Public Television (BTRC) announced that the VAL band, which had won this year’s national final and thus would represent the country at Eurovision, would NOT be able to do so next year, as they announced many other public broadcasters.

The announcement was made today, following an interview with VAL yesterday, where they expressed their desire to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2021.

The VAL band will not represent Belarus at Eurovision 2021, not because they broke off their relationship with the BRTC or because of some censorship, but because they have no conscience.


BTRC also responded to everything that VAL accuses it of, for not supporting, interfering in their artistic decisions for holding concerts, etc. In its announcement it reveals that the Austrian director Marvin Dietman would take over the stage appearance of the band in the competition and Alex Panayi would be their vocal coach, wanting in this way to prove that at all in their luck, he had not left them.

We remind you that the VAL has been actively involved in the anti-government demonstrations that have been prevailing in Belarus for months, and therefore the above decision of the BTRC comes as no surprise.

Source: Eurovoix
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