Editorial: How likely is it to see Eleni Foureira at Eurovision 2021?

The fact that Eleni Foureira continues to be a Eurovision legend, two years after the second place and her impressive appearance with Fuego, is of course not news. It is not news that this year her name is involved with Eurovision. But what is a matter of discussion is the fact that for 2021 he accepted an official proposal from RIK, in order to represent Cyprus for the second time in the contest, as revealed in the morning show of STAR TV.

Eleni Foureira, you Superstar!

Eleni Foureira, if the term could be allowed to me, is the winner of second places in the Eurovision Song Contest history, at least for the last ten years. She may not have achieved the coveted victory in 2018 in Lisbon, but since then her career has skyrocketed, with many appearances abroad, significant success in other countries (such as Spain), she appeared in 2019 in the interval act, while she tried to do and some first steps on the other side of the Atlantic, with important collaborations there as well.

It is logical and expected, that such an artist is an immediate priority in the sights of the Cypriot public broadcaster, which if we consider the STAR report valid, addressed an official proposal to her and her record company, in order to re-lift her weight. of Cyprus in the competition.

How easy it is for Eleni Foureira to say YES

Based on what was heard in the report by Elisavet Kyritsi, Eleni Foureira and her record company are expecting from RIK the songs they have to suggest for the contest, in order to give their final answer. But the answer of Eleni Foureira and PANIK will not depend only on this.

An artist of the range of Eleni Foureira, who very recently proved her worth at Eurovision and made literally all of Europe talk about her, has to think and weigh much more in order to say YES for the second time, than how good will be the song they will suggest to her.

Of course, the financial data, the program and her obligations, her willingness to re-enter such a demanding project, but also the course of the pandemic will play a role. Why do we mention this? Will Eleni Foureira really want to burn a second participation in the contest, in a year that so far no one knows if Eurovision will be held with the public, journalists and all these elements that make it unique?  She and her record label will take into account that as well.

RIK has proven its worth

On the other hand, RIK and the team that deals with the Eurovision Song Contest has proved that they have a way of convincing big names, such as Eleni Foureira or Tamta in 2019. Eleni Foureira maintains perfect relations with RIK and completely trusts its people, something that makes her feel safe and confident about a possible new collaboration.

In addition, RIK in recent years has made a strong presence in the Eurovision events, with careful and professional entries and live appearances that always leave history. All this would be tempting to any artist, even in cases like Eleni Foureira.

PANIK and Eurovision 2021

This is where the PANIK parameter comes in. Through our website, you read that PANIK intends to nominate artists of Cypriot origin to RIK for Eurovision 2021. So this exclusive statement made by PANIK is absolutely true, but the case of Eleni Foureira is something special and will obviously have priority if it is decided that the conditions are right for her to return to the contest.

So a positive answer from Eleni Foureira and PANIK may seem quite unlikely, but history has shown that RIK knows how to turn the tables. If again the answer that RIK will receive is negative, then it will turn to the other alternatives, which as you have understood are enough.

What is certain is that in the coming months there will be plenty of background and reporting, whether Eleni Foureira or some other artist is finally chosen!

Stay tuned to Eurovision Fun for all the developments concerning the Cypriot entry in Eurovision 2021!

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