Greece: Stefania’s team will submit four songs to ERT! EXCLUSIVE

The new ERT team that deals with the Eurovision project started with great appetite, under the supervision of the company’s corporate communication director, Dora Chiraki. According to our exclusive information, Stefania’s team will submit at least four songs to ERT, in order to make the final choice of our participation.

In the recent first meeting that took place at ERT, about which we informed you in our previous article, the first schedules were set, but also an initial planning that will be followed. Both in Stefania’s team and on the part of Greek public television, there is moderate optimism, it is no secret that both of them believe a lot in Stefania and that is why her choice was reaffirmed.

Four songs specially written for the competition will be proposed to ERT by Dream Team, in order to make the final selection. So far, of course, it has not been decided how to present the Greek entry, whether a closed selection will be made or whether some kind of television selection will be made with the participation of the public.

Anyway, in the first days of October, Stefania will come to Greece to record the songs prepared by Dimitris Kontopoulos and ARCADE, but also to make TV appearances and interviews.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the exclusive developments regarding the Greek participation in Eurovision 2021!

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