Ireland: Lesley Roy with Bulletproof’s composer in studio | Recording her Eurovision entry?

Ireland is one of ten countries that has not yet revealed whether it will be represented by the same artist who would be represented at Eurovision 2020 or will choose to look for someone else. The truth is that what is apparent is that the country’s public broadcaster will renew its confidence in Lesley Roy, who is in Stockholm to record new songs, possibly to submit them to RTE.

As she informed us through her social media, Lesley Roy collaborates with three important creators, both of whom have significant experience in the contest. Among the composers who collaborates to record her new tracks is one of the creators of Dotter’s  Bulletproof, Erik Dahlqvist!

However, the song that will be recorded, as it seems, is not one but three, since Lesley collaborates with two other creators who even move in completely different musical paths.

This is JOWST who in 2017 represented Norway with Grab The Moment, occupying the tenth place, but also Lasse Piirainen who was one of Norma John, who in the same competition represented Finland with BlackBird, but failed to qualify for the final, although he was one of the favorites.

So far nothing has been confirmed by Irish public broadcaster, although all indications are that Lesley Roy will be the one to represent the queen of the contest in next year’s edition.

Lesley Roy was chosen by RTE to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2020 with the song Story Of My Life, which you can listen to below:

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