Italy: The artists rumored to be participating in Sanremo 2021!

RAI assures that Sanremo 2021 will be held normally with the public on March 2-6, of course observing the necessary protection measures. The big Italian music magazine, All Music Italia, mentions the first rumored names of artists, who we will probably see competing in the Big Category of the Festival.

Among those rumored to be claiming the Sanremo Golden Lion are former winners as well as former participants, some of the biggest names in the country’s music scene. But let’s look at them in detail.

The female presences

The winner of the latest version of Amici di Maria De Filippi, Gaia, is considered almost certain, despite her excellent response on the radio, her debut album did not even turn gold. Other female presences are the experienced ones, Annalisa, Elodie and Nuda. Another chance to claim three singers who became famous through the X Factor, Giusy Ferreri, Noemi and Chiara Galiazzo. Finally, there are some rumors about the return of Francesca Michielin, who in 2016 won second place at the Festival, but represented Italy at Eurovision, as the Stadio winners did not accept the right to represent their country in the competition.

The artists of the new generation

A dynamic presence may be given by artists who are loved by the young audience. Among them is Irama, for the third consecutive year. A surprise that would excite the very young audience could be Fede’s official solo debut or as he is called Federico Rossi. Another debut, this time coming from the world of rap, would be that of Random which, obviously, would have the track ready. Four years after his first appearance, Amadeus seems to want to bring Michele Bravi to Ariston.

The most experienced

There are rumors about the return of the winners of 2018, Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, but as a solo this time. But a return to the Festival seems to be possible for Samuel, Bogo, Leo Gassmann, but also for Gigi D’Alessio.

The bands

The presence of the bands in Sanremo is constant, so this year it is rumored that we will see some of the most successful bands in Italy. Nomadi, The Kolors and Matia Bazar are also likely to be on the Ariston stage in March.

The least likely

Next to the above names that are considered more probable are others, who are just preparing their album and probably their record company will want to send them to the Festival, in order to promote their record work. Among men, for example, Amedeo Minghi, Antonio Maggio, Virginio, Tricarico, Lorenzo Fragola, Alex Britti, Alessio Bernabei and among women Mietta, Paola Turci, Deborah Iurato, Markella, the trio Mariella Nava / Grazia De Michele / Rossana Casale, Nina Zilli, Dolcenera, Rettore, Simona Molinari etc.

Amadeus goals

But Amadeus seems to have three artists high on his list who he is trying to persuade to be in Sanremo. We are talking about three singers who are at the peak of their careers and if it brings either all three or some of them then the interest will increase unbelievably. They are Biagio Antonacci, Luca Carboni and Giorgia.

Of course, as we have already mentioned to you, the announcement of the names will take place in mid-December and until then many things will change and will be overturned. What is certain is that Amadeus has a very difficult task to overcome, since the 54% viewership recorded by Sanremo 2020 is the largest viewership since 1997 and if it wants to surpass it it must have, if nothing else, a list of competitors for everything. musical tastes and this is something he knows well.

Source: All Music Italia
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