Russia: Rutger Garecht won the online voting for Junior Eurovision 2020!

Rutger Garecht who is 14 years old, won the online voting with his song Doroga Moya Soba. Tomorrow the national final will take place in Moscow and the jury will vote too, in order to decide the winner.

Back in April, Russian broadcaster VGTRK in collaboration with the The Igor Krutoy Academy of Popular Music announced the Junior Eurovision 2020 participation of Russia. Rutger Garecht seems to be the favorite to represent the country in the Junior Eurovision 2020.

Below you can see the list of the finalists:

  1. Sofia Feskova (Saint-Petersburg)
  2. Arseny Slesarev (Moscow)
  3. Artyom Fokin (Sevastopol)
  4. Sofia Shkyopu (Yaroslavl)
  5. Artyom Morozov (Moscow)
  6. Rutger Garecht (Orenburg)
  7. The duo “LittleZ”: Mikhail Koval and Polina Korolyova (Novosibirsk)
  8. Sergey Filin and Veronika Litovchenko (Moscow)
  9. Sofya Tumanova (Novosibirsk)
  10. Genych (Gennady Pereverdiyev) (Moscow)
  11. Sofia Kirsenko (Simferopol)

You can listen to Rutger Garecht’s song:

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