Denmark: DMGP 2021 final on 6th of March | The winner will sing with live backing vocals at Eurovision!

Another country that had not announced the details of its national final, did so a while ago. Danish Public Broadcaster will host DMGP 2021 on March 6, at a television studio in Copenhagen, with 8 finalists. Unlike what happens in the national finals of most countries, both the contestants in DMGP 2021 and the representative of Denmark on the stage of Eurovision afterwards, will compete with live backing vocals.

The submission of entries for DMGP 2021 has started and the deadline will last until November 20. Foreign creators are allowed as long as the performer is Danish or has a close relationship with the country (permanent resident, active discography, etc.). 8 songs will compete in the final of DMGP 2021. The main difference between DMGP and the rest of the national finals in Europe is that the contestants must have live backing vocals. In fact, the winner of the national final, who will then represent Denmark in Eurovision 2021, will not make use of the regulation that allows for the next Eurovision Song Contest the pre-recorded vocals, since they will be live on the stage of Ahoy.

We remind you that this year’s DMGP winners, Ben & Tan, have already stated in the spring that they will not reclaim Denmark’s representation at Eurovision 2021.

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