Felix Bergsson talks exclusively to Jans Bors: “In 2-3 weeks we will announce our decisions for Eurovision 2021”

The head of delegation of Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest, Felix Bergsson, gave a very interesting interview to the former head of delegation of Czechia, Jans Frost Bors. Felix Bergsson revealed that the public broadcaster of Iceland has yet to decide whether to select Daði Freyr internally or to organise their national final shows of  Söngvakeppnin. The relevant announcements will be made in two-three weeks.

In an in-depth interview, Felix Bergsson spoke to Jan Bors and his new project, Humans of Eurovision. The head of the Icelandic delegation in the competition, referred to how his country managed to be at the Eurovision epicenter  in the last two years. How they changed the national final, reducing the number of songs participating in the Söngvakeppnin, which gives them more time and money for each act.

Felix explained in detail what his job is, that he actually takes over the winner of Söngvakeppnin in early March and deals with everything related to Iceland’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The video clip, the final production of the song, the stage appearance, but also the necessary promotion.

Jan could not help but ask Felix about the 2019 experience and the Hatari. Felix responded very honestly saying it was a very difficult year for him. The Hatari essentially participated solely because they wanted to convey their message, which was purely against Israel and in favour of Palestine. In addition to their obligations for the competition, the Hatari were also shooting a documentary, explaining the reasons for their participation. This was also the biggest difficulty of that year, the balance between their obligations as Iceland’s representatives in the competition and their obligations for this documentary, which was more important for them, since it was the reason why they participated in that year’s Eurovision.

In the end, Felix Bergsson explained that due to the pandemic and the budget cut of the Icelandic public broadcaster, no decision has been made yet on how to choose their participation in the next competition. That is, if they perform Söngvakeppnin normally or if they give Dadi another chance, after this year’s great acceptance of  Think about Things. But soon and more specifically in the next 2-3 weeks we will have official announcements.

Below you can watch the entire interview of Felix Bergsson to Jans Bors


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