Hungary: Does not return to the contest | No connection of A Dal with Eurovision 2021!

Hungarian public broadcaster recently announced the rules for A Dal 2021.  A Dal, the Hungarian music festival used as the method of choosing the country’s entry in the contest, will have nothing to do with Eurovision in 2021 either. This practically means that the country of Central Europe will be absent from the contest for the second consecutive year.

Turning to traditional values ​​for Hungary

The xenophobic Orban government does not hide that its main priority is to support the traditional family, with the aim of increasing birth rates. At the beginning of 2019, the speech of a member of parliament of the ruling party had made an impression, where he had characterized the adoption by same-sex couples as pedophilia.

Although no official explanation has been given for the country’s departure from Eurovision to date, many have argued that it was due to the super-conservative Orban government. In fact, a journalist from a pro-government channel at an unsuspecting time had stated that Hungary’s abstention from the competition would contribute to the nation’s mental health!

The government denies the allegations

But the scale of the issue has prompted both the prime minister’s foreign policy chief and Hungary’s public television to take an official stance and refute the allegations.

Zoltan Kovacs, the prime minister’s foreign policy chief, described the reports as “fake news” and said that no member of the government had ever described the Eurovision Song Contest as described in it.

Shortly afterwards, Hungarian public television itself blamed the media for reproducing these non-existent news and once again stressed that the reason why Hungary decided to stay out of Eurovision 2020 was that it chose to support the news talents from A Dal inside the country and to allocate the expenses would have made for the contest to this support.

Abstention from Eurovision 2021 as well

The abstention from the contest, however, seems to be permanent, while there are many who say that we will have a new case of Turkey, at least as long as Orban rules.

In the announcement of the regulations of A Dal 2021, the exact same concept is foreseen as last year. That is, an A Dal, where the winner will simply have the financial and television support of Hungarian public broadcaster, to promote his work. In addition, apart from the winner, for 2021 prizes will be given to the first five, who will reach the final.

Below you can listen to the winning song of A Dal 2020, where under other circumstances would represent Hungary at Eurovision 2020:

Source: A Dal
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  1. joe
    joe says:

    Everyone who does not feel constantly uncomfortable lives in some echo chamber because differing opinion causes stress. Lots of different opinions in this world, lots of sets of values. When someone wants to live peacefully, he should find people who share his values and live with those people. Simple as that.

    Welcoming everyone and being a globalist is one value system. It is different to other value systems, and this is fine. Neoliberal/globalist people would feel comfortable with other neoliberal/globalist people and so they should seek such communities. Indeed, today they have lots of opportunities to find people that think like them. The Eurovision song contest is an example where such a person would feel comfortable, would feel “home”.

    The problem starts when anyone tries to force their values onto others. Fact is that many people just want a small corner in the world where they can live without being constantly hammered about other peoples values. As I described in the first paragraph. The case used to be that conservatives and the likes were pushing their agenda onto everyone and that failed. Now it is the neoliberal/woke/globalist people are trying to push their agenda onto everyone as if their values were perfect. Those values are not perfect, but I do not mind. Just show me where I can avoid being hammered by this new neoliberal/globalist ideology. I would be happy to move there.

    Until then it would be great if people with one set of values could tolerate people with a different set of values without labeling, calling names, causing false emotions, phrasing sentences that project some global truth as if there was one and as if the author who has the permission to print an article on this website had the key to the absolute truth. Fact is that you live in your community with your values and you should try to tolerate other people with their values. I have no authority to decide whether a country should enter this song contest, but I do not watch it on TV because of difference in overall values. You can label me and call me whatever you want to, this does not make your opinion correct. It should be up to individual people or communities whether they watch and participate a show. If someone stays away it is their decision.

    • jozsef
      jozsef says:

      Well, i live in Hungary, and haven’t had a choice to have my country competing in Eurovision.
      You keep repeating forcing a certain set values onto somebody, like a country would be a single person. Guess what, it is not the wish of all the people here to become a nationalist shithole like the one we are heading to.
      How comes that the head of politics decides whether the whole country participate on such contest or not? Maybe its normal in north korea, but shouldn’t be the case in central europe.
      Hungary will continue to sink into this so called echo chamber of nationalist set of values, and whole Europe knows where it ends up.
      I invite you to move here, or bit more east, just to taste what orban’s regime is working towards to.


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