Italy: Sanremo’s winner will be the country’s representative in Eurovision 2021 | Televoting is strengthened!

The rules of the 71st Sanremo Song Festival have just been announced. What we are mainly interested in is that in 2021 the winner of the festival will have the opportunity if he or she wishes to represent Italy in Eurovision. Another important change is the strengthening of the telovoting in the results.

Greater speech to the public and new representative for Eurovision

The winner of the Sanremo Festival will have the first say in representing Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest. RAI continues the successful practice that began in 2015, giving the winner the right to represent his country at Eurovision. All participants from the big category will have to submit the relevant responsible statement until the end of the festival, where they will accept or not this right, if they are crowned winners. So, immediately after the end of the final, on Saturday, March 6, and based on the results that will be available, RAI will know who is the representative of Italy in Eurovision 2021.

Another important change introduced in Sanremo 2021 is the strengthening of public voting. The public will vote both on Saturday, on the final night, and on the first two nights. Otherwise, the vote remains as it is. In the first two nights, the demoscopic jury and the public will vote. On the third night, where we will have the tribute to the great Italian composers, the members of the live orchestra and the members of the choir will vote. On the fourth night the press jury will vote and on the final night both the TV audience, the demoscopic jury and the press jury committee will have the right to vote. We remind you that in Sanremo 2020 the public voted only on the final night of the festival.

The detailed program of Sanremo 2021

On the first night, March 2, the first 10 candidate songs of the big category will be presented. The public and the demoscopic jury (300 fans selected with statistics and demographics) will vote from home. At the end of the night there will be a ranking.

On the second night, March 3, the remaining 10 candidate songs of the big category will be presented. The scoring system will be the same as last night.

On the third night, March 4, the 20 candidates will perform either alone or accompanied by one of their own guests, another song, dedicated to the great Italian composers. The members of the orchestra and the vocals will vote. The score will be counted in the final, while a prize will be given to the winner of the night.

On the fourth night, March 5, the 20 contestants will perform for the second time their song. Accredited journalists will rate the 20 entries. At the end of the night, the ranking of the current score will be given.

On the fifth night, March 6, the score is divided into two parts. In the first part there will be a triple rating from the public, the demoscopic jury and the press committee in a ratio of 34% -33% -33%. The average of the score of all previous nights and today will make an overall ranking. The first three will go to the second round of voting.

The votes will be zeroed and a new voting will start with the exact same system (34% televoting, 33% poll committee and 33% press committee). The one who will collect the most votes will also get the golden lion, but also if he wishes he will represent Italy in Eurovision 2021! In case the winner refuses, then the second of the final ranking will be selected etc.

On December 17, RAI will announce the 20 finalists of the big category. Italy is now officially added to the list of countries that will seek their representative again in the Eurovision Song Contest, raising the number of these countries to 13.

We remind you that Diodato was the winner of Sanremo 2020 and representative of Italy at Eurovision 2020, which was finally canceled, with the song Fai Rumore:

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Source: RAI
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