Kalomira: “If I go to Eurovision again, I would like to have such a song…”!

Kalomira gave an interview to OK magazine and to the journalist Giannis Poulopoulos. Shortly after returning from the Caribbean, where she celebrated 10 years of marriage with her husband, Kalomira clarifies in the interview if she has really discussed the possibility of Eurovision 2021 with RIK, she describes the song with which she would like to participate again in the contest, while revealing whether she has already heard a candidate song.

One of the people rumored to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2021 is Kalomira. Kalomira who is still popular in Greece and Cyprus, admitted some weeks ago in an interview on a Belgian website, that for the first time she is seriously considering returning to the contest, having already had some discussions with RIK.

For the first time since that interview, Kalomira opens her papers more and gives some more important details.

Initially, she admits once again that has discussed with RIK the possibility of representing Cyprus in Eurovision 2021 and describes the song with which she would like to do it:

If I were to go to Eurovision again, I would like to have a strong dance track that would allow me to dance and have fun on stage.

Kalomira is then asked, if she has had heard any songs for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest:

No. So far I have not heard any song.

Finally, the journalist asks her if she is concerned about the fact that Eurovision 2021 can be held without an audience and with completely new data, different from what we are used to, due to the pandemic.

I love Eurovision very much and I believe that by May 2021 there is room to prepare better than in 2020. I am sure that Eurovision 2021 will be a success.

We remind you that according to what is reported in the Cypriot media, Kalomira is the favorite at the moment to represent the island in Eurovision 2021, without of course excluding the cases of Katerina Stikoudi, Irini Papadopoulou, Elias Koza or some other surprise name!

Stay tuned to Eurovision Fun for all the news concerning the Cypriot entry in Eurovision 2021!

Source: OK
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