Lithuania: “We are the winners” was inspired by Helena Paparizou’s “My Number One”

The song “We are the winners” by LT United, with which they represented Lithuania at Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens and despite the fact that it was booed by the eurofans during the live show, finished 6th in the Grand Final marking the best result for the country ever. According to Andrius Mamontovas, one of  the LT United members, they were influenced by “My Number One” of Helena Paparizou.

In the interview that he gave to Eurovoix’s Euro Trip, Andrius Mamontovas refered to his Eurovision experience and how “We Are The Winners” was born.

First it started like a joke. I called one of my colleagues and said “I have an idea for a song, it’s just a very simple song, it says “We Are The Winners”

Next, he explained how “My Number One” was an inspiration for their song:

The year before the winner was Greece with a song called My Number One and I thought this is why they won because they called their song number one.

Having this in mind, they were expecting to win in Greece:

Even if we were to take the last place, it would be even more ironic. So I thought this was a good material to go there and just have some fun.


You can listen to the entire interview on Spotify.

Source: Eurovoix




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