Norway: MGP 2021 Final on 20th February with audience!!

Today, Stig Karlsen, the person in charge for the organisation of the national final of Norway, provided us with some fresh news.

First and foremost, we have the dates of the Melodi Grand Prix 2021!!

1st semifinal: 16 January 2021

2nd semifinal: 23 January 2021

3rd semifinal: 30 January 2021

4th semifinal: 6 February 2021

5th semifinal: 13 February 2021

Grand Final: 20 February 2021

As we observe, MGP 2021 will have the same structure as MGP 2020.

The next news concerns the venue and the question of whether there will be an audience.

As far as the host venue in concerned, just like in 2020, MGP2021 will be hosted at H3 Arena at Bærum, suburb of Oslo. Furthermore, the answer in the question of whether there will be an audience, the answer of NRK is yes, for both the semifinals and the final.

Of course, there will be less physical presence… It’s gonna be a different MGP season, but we are going to do it the right way!!

Source: escnorge

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