Poland: The National Broadcaster wants Alicja Szemplińska for 2021

The public broadcaster of Poland, yesterday during the press conference for the Junior Eurovision 2020, confirmed the participation of the country at the Eurovision 2021, expressing at the same time their intention to be represented by Alicja Szemplińska.

The official confirmation of Alicja will occur at a later stage, after the necessary arrangements with her record company. When this happen, Poland will be the 21st country that chooses the same artist from the canceled 2020 contest.

At the press conference, during which the three presenters of the 2020 Junior Eurovision were presented, the head of the national broadcaster Jacek Kurski praised the employees of TVP for their effort to organise a contest completely different from those who have been held until today. In fact, to the unpleasant surprise of all of us, Jacek Kurski predicted that Eurovision 2021 will be held in the same way, that is, in favor of Plan D. Τhe artists will appear from their countries and not live from Rotterdam. However, the executive supervisor of the competition, Martin Österdahl, who was online, did not comment on this.

Source: dziennik-eurowizyjny

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