Portugal: Confirmed for Eurovision 2021 | Through Festival da Cancao the representative!

One of the countries that would participate in Eurovision 2020 and had not yet confirmed their participation in the next contest, was Portugal. The country’s public television (RTP) recently announced that it will normally take part in Eurovision 2021, while it has also started the procedures for FdC 2021, through which the representative of Portugal will be selected.

The deadline for those who wish to submit their proposals for FdC 2021 is November 25. Eurovision regulations apply, and the authors must be Portuguese citizens, or permanent residents of the country, or musicians who have released at least one record work within Portugal.

The open invitation concerns two places in the semifinals of FdC 2021, while the remaining 18 will be filled by creators who will be directly invited by the Portuguese public television.

O Festival da Canção 2021 dá os primeiros passos com a seleção dos autores que irão criar as canções da edição do…

Posted by RTP – Festival da Canção on Friday, October 16, 2020

The above announcement practically means that Portugal is added to the group of countries that will choose a new representative for Eurovision 2021. The truth is that Elisa, who was this year the winner of the FdC and representative of Portugal at Eurovision 2020, had foreshadowed RTP’s decision.

Below let us remember once again the song with which Elisa would represent Portugal at Eurovision 2020:


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