Cyprus: “El Diablo” will be revealed in March!

Elena Tsagrinou appeared on the ALPHA show, Happy Day, to talk about her participation with Cyprus in Eurovision 2021. Among what she said, she revealed that El Diablo will be made public in March!

Once again, Elena Tsagrinou appeared excited about her participation in Eurovision with the colors of Cyprus.

The song is super pop! Super dancing and uplifting and will give me the opportunity to move accordingly!

The important revelation she made was when we will listen to the song:

In March you will hear El Diablo!

Elena Tsagrinou explained how her choice was made. That it was essentially a decision of RIK and PANIK Records, saying that it is a very close-knit team that communicates daily, preparing from now on everything necessary for the best possible result.

The interview closed with the hostess of the show, expressing her optimism for the final result, based on what people who heard the song have told her.

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