EBU: “All the contestants sang live at Junior Eurovision 2020”!

There is no Eurovision Song Contest without drama, the same of course could not be the case at Junior Eurovision 2020. The 18th Junior Eurovision Song Contest had France as the winner, but there were many who claimed that in Valentina’s live on tape video, she sang playback. The same accusations were leveled against the videos of Belarus and Russia.

In fact, on the occasion of the accusations that literally closed the internet after the end of the contest, the head of the entertainment program of the Spanish public television (TVE), Toñi Prieto, formally asked the EBU, if indeed all the contestants in the live on tape videos, they performed their songs live.

EBU responded immediately to TVE, saying that as it was in the rules of this year’s contest, all participants in the live on tape videos, sang live, with the backing vocals playback. EBU emphasizes that there were also the necessary control and safety valves, to confirm the above.

The winner Valentina also referred to the issue, rejecting all the accusations:

We remind you that in Junior Eurovision 2020 the contestants had to videotape a live interpretation of their song, at an earlier time than the contest. These 12 live on tape videos competed on Sunday, as due to the pandemic, the live presence of the artists in Warsaw was impossible.


Source: Eurofestivales


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