Italy: The municipality of Sanremo requests the postponement of Sanremo 2021 for April!

According to the Italian media, the municipality of Sanremo, which is also the co-organizer of the festival of the same name, requests its postponement for April in order to make it easier, on terms as close as possible to normal.

RAI has announced that Sanremo 2021 will take place in the small town of Liguria, from March 2 to March 6, a month later than usual.

However, the increase in cases and deaths from the coronation in recent times in Italy, prompted the city council to ask the RAI to move the dates of Sanremo 2021 a month later. The rationale for the request is quite reasonable, since the city of Sanremo benefits greatly from the holding of the annual music festival, with the capacity of hotels reaching 100% and the shops full of life. The eventual realization of Sanremo 2021 without an audience, due to the pandemic, will mean financial disaster for the professionals of the city.

If, of course, the above happens, then there is an issue with the Italian representation in the Eurovision Song Contest, since the meeting of the heads of delegations is set for March 15, a catalytic date for the submission of the candidate songs. This practically means that all the competing songs at Eurovision 2021 should have been selected by March 15, which in the case of Italy will not be possible through Sanremo, if the dates in April are shifted.

We remind you that according to the recently announced Sanremo 2021 regulations, the winner of the big category will have the opportunity if he/she wishes to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest. In case of refusal then RAI will select another contestant of the big category, most likely following the final ranking of the festival. The artists of the big category of Sanremo 2021 will be announced on the night of the selection of the 8 finalists of the Giovani category, in the Casino of the City of Sanremo, on the 17th of December.

The winner of Sanremo 2020 and the representative of Italy in Eurovision 2020 that was finally canceled, was Diodato with Fai Rumore:

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