North Macedonia: Vasil with a song by Borislav Milanov at Eurovision 2021?

North Macedonia is one of the five countries that have not yet clarified whether they will be represented at Eurovision 2021 with the artist who would represent them in this year’s contest or will look for a new artist. The most likely scenario here, after the retention of pro-Western Zoran Zaev, is that Vasil Garganliev will have another chance. In fact, in a story that Vasil shared on his Instagram profile, we see him with the composer Borislav Milanov, the founder of Symphonix, who in recent years has signed many songs in the competition. This of course makes us wonder whether Borislav Milanov will be the creator of our participation and our neighboring country?

Borislav Milanov, together with Symphonix, will be the composer of Bulgaria’s entry in Eurovision 2021, while it is known that they will send a new song in the internal selection of Germany with Ben Dolic. It remains unknown whether they will compose Malta’s song in 2021, which is again represented by Destiny or maybe for some other countries too.

North Macedonia would be represented at Eurovision 2020 by Vasil Garganliev with the song You, which you can listen to below:

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