USA: Kaiti Garbi and SuRie comment on Trump’s madness about the election result!

They are two favorite eurostars, who from time to time do not hesitate through social media to comment on various issues, even politics. With very caustic humor, Kaiti Garbi and SuRie scold the fact that Donald Trump says nothing to digest that he lost the election.

SuRie, who in 2018 represented the United Kingdom in the contest, singing Storm and occupying the 24th place, refers to the tweet of the outgoing US President, that he is the winner of the recent elections and in fact by far.

On the other hand, the unique Kaiti Garbi with her boundless talent and humor, uses one of her great successes, commenting on the same (You’ve lost your mind).

Of course, many more eurostars are reporting in the last few hours with relief at the change of White House tenant, as thousands of Americans take to the streets to celebrate Joe Biden’s victory.

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