Albania: The stage is being built for FiK 59 but its dates are still uncertain!

The construction of the FiK 59 stage started today in the Italy square of Tirana. So far, the Albanian public television RTSH has not officially confirmed the dates of the festival.

By December 26, RTSH sources say that FiK 59 will take place, although they have not yet finalized the deadlines, waiting to see the developments with the pandemic, the internal unrest that broke out in the last days due to the murder of a citizen by the police, but also the mood of the weather. Do not forget that FiK 59 will take place outdoors and the weather plays an important role in its smooth running.

However, the construction of the tent started today:

It was previously reported from unofficial sources that FiK 59 would take place this week. So far, however, RTSH has not confirmed such a thing.

We remind you that the contestants of FiK 59 are the following:

Hosts of FiK 59 will be Jonida Vokshi and Blendi Salaj.

Stay tuned to Eurovision Fun for all FiK 59 developments!

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