Anxhela Peristeri: “Karma will remain in Albanian for Eurovision” (Video)

Two days after her victory at FiK 59, Anxhela Peristeri opens her heart to Stella Gialetzi from the Eurovision Buddies, giving answers to everything. In which language will sing Karma in Rotterdam? What is her connection with Greece? What is the answer to all those who commented negatively on the results of the festival? What are her plans for her stage appearance in the competition? But let’s start from the beginning.

How did she decide to participate in FiK 59 and Eurovision?

Anxhela Peristeri revealed that it was her composer’s idea to participate in FiK 59. After preparing three songs, they chose Karma, considering it to be the best, and submitted their entry. Eurovision has always been a dream for her, but so far she did not feel that she had the right song. As soon as she heard Karma she realized that it was the song she was waiting for the contest. Albania’s representation at Eurovision is a dream come true for her, she just hopes to live it as normally as possible and the pandemic is over by May.

The relationship with Greece

Despite the fact that Stella started the interview in English soon, the conversation turned to Greek! Anxhela explains that she lived for many years in Greece, having sung with all the big names of the domestic music scene, although as revealed her favorite is Anna Vissi, whom she imitated at Your Face Sounds Familiar in Albania in 2016, in which and won first place.

I was born in Korce, I came to Greece when I was 20 years old, my father is of Greek origin for that and my last name is Peristeri … I love Greece very much, it is my favorite country in the world. I have lived my best moments there. All my friends are there, they have supported me a lot in all this. I want my first visit to be in Greece!

Her reaction to the negative comments

Anxhela Peristeri explained that the negative comments are not something new in FiK. Every time someone wins, there are always those behind who do not want to win. Everyone had their best song. Those contestants I knew did not comment negatively, those I do not know maybe… In fact, Anxhela uses a Greek quote to answer to all those negative comments.

Better to be hated than to feel sorry for you, as we say in Greece.

Her goal for Eurovision

She wants to live the journey and the experience, but at the same time giving the promise to work hard to bring a very good result for Albania in the upcoming contest

I can not promise the result because it is a contest though I will work hard for the best result.

Karma will stay in Albanian at Eurovision

For the first time, Anxhela clarifies that the song will remain in Albanian, wanting to respect the comments of most of her fans. She will work on the orchestration of the song and the stage appearance, in collaboration of course with her record label, while so far she is focused on keeping the dancers on the stage of Ahoy.

The song will remain in Albanian, the lyrics will not change. I always thought that if I won I would keep the lyrics in Albanian!

Her favorite Eurovision entries

The entries of Albania that Anxhela stands out are of 2012 and 2018, while for Eugent Bushpepa she states that he is one of the best performers in the world, although she remembers the Greek entries better since she lived in Greece for most of the years. Highlights the songs of Sakis Rouvas, Anna Vissi of course and Helena Paparizou. Finally, she mentions Eleni Foureira, with whom they have collaborated in the past. In order, to show her love for Anna Vissi, Angela does not hesitate to sing live one of the most popular songs of Anna Vissi.

Watch the video below for everything more that Angela Peristeri told us, in the exclusive interview provided by Eurovision Buddies and Eurovision Fun:

We can only wish good luck to Anxhela Peristeri in Rotterdam, to bring why not the best result for Albania in the contest!

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