France: Barbara Pravi speaks exclusively at Eurovision Fun!

She is one of the big favorites to represent France at Eurovision 2021. The talented Barbara Pravi with Voila, hopes to be the winner of “Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez!” and then travel to Rotterdam. Barbara Pravi speaks for the first time after the announcement of the candidates for the French national final at Eurovision Fun and we are really very happy to host her!

Barbara, welcome to Eurovision Fun and thank you very much for this interview! First we would like you to tell us some things about you, so that our readers can get to know you better.

My name is Barbara, I’m an author, composer and singer. I write for me, and also for other French artist (i wrote Bim Bam Toi for example or J’imagine who won Eurovision Junior this year !! So happy).  Also, I’m very engaged for the woman’s rights in my country. I often make songs about violence against woman, or abortion… 

PARIS, FRANCE – NOVEMBER 08: Barbara Pravi poses for Photo session at Le Reservoir on November 8, 2017 in Paris, France. (Photo by David Wolff – Patrick/Redferns)

How did you decide to participate in Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez !?

I already compose 2 songs for the contest (Junior), so this year I was saying to myself « Wait. Why are you always hiding behind other people ? Why don’t you go on stage and say to the world : this is what I am, this is all I have. My eyes, my hands, my voice, and this is the only reason I live ». 

What is the message you want to convey with Voila?

My song says « This is what I am. This is all I have. It is not much, but it is my truth ». I think it’s like when you meet someone : you have the choice to « appreciate » him/her, or not. But this is what the person are !! So …  It is a message of affirmation. I am a woman, and I say to all my sisters « We dont have to hide. Go, lets affirm who we are, without culpability, without fear ». 

Are you a fan of the contest? Which is your favorite French entry?

Of course i am! I’m in love with Bilal Hassani because I love his message, and I’m very admirative of his courage. I also adore Madame Monsieur, they are friends and they really are wonderful people. 

What should we expect from you on the stage?

I’m not a « show girl », with lights everywhere, and lots of dancers, video projections and everything. When I sing, I tried to be very simple, very authentic, so you can expect truth, you can expect emotions and real feelings. 

Was there a role model in your artistic career in general?

Actually, not really. I love music, but I dont have a « role model ». I couldn’t « admire » someone I don’t personally know. Thats the reason why I truly love some artists (like Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, more recently Pomme for example), but my real role model are the people I know  : My mother, my sister, who are two wonderful and brilliant woman, my friends etc… 

Let’s go to Junior Eurovision now. What was your inspiration for J ’Imagine and what does winning the contest mean to you?

With my partner – Igit- we would like to make a song which brings hope and light to people. That’s why we wrote « J’imagine ». The song says « I dream », I dream about a world where we are all united, I dream about joy and faith. I think we all need good mood song during this strange period of covid. 

Have you ever visited Greece?

I’ve been to Greece last summer with my best friend ! In Thessaloniki. It was a crazy crazy trip, but only last 1 week so I really wish I could come back, stay longer and visit your country. Also, I LOVE greek’s wine and actually know it pretty well… voila ! 

Barbara thank you very much! Good luck to you and Voila.

It was my pleasure!

We remind you that the song that will be selected for Eurovision 2021, will be chosen by 50% of the television audience and by 50% by a professional jury of 10 people. There will be two voting phases, but the public will be in control of both. The jury will consist of 10 people, 5 French and 5 from other countries. According to Le Parisien, presenters of Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez! will be Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini. “Eurovision: C’est vous qui décidez!” is expected to take place in late January, in a regional city of France.

Interview was taken by Stella Gialetzi
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