Italy: Jalisse complains for the 24th rejection in the Sanremo Festival!

Jalisse, the duo that won Sanremo in 1997, then representing Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest with Fiumi Di Parole winning fourth place, publicly expressed their protest and displeasure that they were once again not selected among the competing artists in the upcoming festival.

Jalisse, which consists of Alessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci, and is a couple in life, are constantly trying since their victory at Sanremo 1997, to be back on the Ariston stage, without success.

Fabio Ricci wonders in his long post on the official page of Jalisse, if in the end the reason for their rejection is that they do not have the right acquaintances. Nevertheless, as he characteristically states, they will insist, because they remain romantic.

Every year, with fearless hearts, for 24 years, we hang on to television, hand in hand like two dreamy lovers, like when you wait until Santa Claus arrives late or when you are the last in a long line and you hope it’s your turn and instead they close your door. We hope that Jalisse will be among those names that will be announced, with the new song that we submit to the jury, every year.

Jalisse a Sanremo? 24 volte no!

Anche stasera, come da 24 anni, Alessandra e Fabio hanno seguito la tv per scoprire i…

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Jalisse στις Πέμπτη, 17 Δεκεμβρίου 2020

Jalisse wonder why they are cut every year, saying that they do not want to believe the rumors that everyone who is selected has friendly relations with people on the jury, etc. Fabio Ricci also reveals the song they sent to last year’s festival, saying that they will definitely release the song they have submitted this year as well.

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