Morocco: Normalizes diplomatic relations with Israel | First step to return to Eurovision?

Israel and Morocco are establishing diplomatic relations following a US-brokered deal last Thursday. Thus, Morocco becomes the fourth Arab country to normalize its relations with the “eternal enemy”, Israel.

After the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan, Morocco becomes the fourth Arab country to sign a peace agreement with Israel in recent months, something truly unprecedented in world history. However, apart from the great historical significance of this event, the way may be opened for Morocco to return to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Morocco is the only Arab country that has ever participated in the competition. In 1980, taking advantage of Israel’s absence, took part in that year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The representative of Morocco in the only participation of the country in the contest was the famous Moroccan singer Samira Said. Unfortunately, Bitaqat Hob, the song with which she participated, received only 7 points all from Italy and thus finished in 18th and penultimate place.

Without the problem of non-existent diplomatic relations with Israel, Morocco as a regular member of the EBU has the opportunity to take part in the contest. This problem of non-recognition of Israel by the entire Arab world led to Lebanon’s withdrawal from the 2004 contest after the country’s public broadcaster refused to broadcast Israel’s song, which was required by law since Lebanon did not recognizes Israel as a state entity.

Let us remember the unique participation of Morocco in the Eurovision Song Contest:

Would you like to see Morocco back to the Eurovision Song Contest?

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