Belarus: The submission of songs for Eurovision 2021 has started!

Belarus Public Broadcaster has started submitting entries for Eurovision 2021. The deadline for submitting songs is January 31, 2021. It is unknown whether the final selection of the representative and the song will be made by internal selection or through a national final, as is usually the case. the country’s public television.

On September 25, following the open stance taken by VAL against incumbent President Lukashenko, Belarus Public Television announced that a new representative would be selected for the Eurovision Song Contest. There has been no update since.

However, the start of the submission of entries for Eurovision 2021 was officially announced a while ago. There is no restriction in terms of nationality, both performers and creators, while the general rules of the competition apply (3 minutes, six people on stage, etc.) .

An important difference this year is that those interested should also send a video, where they perform their song live. Deadline as we said is January 31st, while it remains unknown at this time, the method that will be used for the final selection of the representative.

More information on the website of the Belarusian Public Television.

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