Eurovision 2021: Sietse Bakker gives answers for the live on tape videos, the vaccines and the scenario that will be chosen! (Video)

A really interesting interview was given by the executive producer of Eurovision 2021, Sietse Bakker, to Jan Bors and his YouTube channel, Humans of Eurovision.

For the cancellation of Eurovision 2020

Sietse Bakker said that the team that was preparing for the contest in 2020, was very sad and disappointed, after so much effort was lost. Of course it was something that in the last days before the cancellation more and more people expected, since all the big events were canceled.

The fact that no one in Europe initially paid much attention to the pandemic was the reason why they were not prepared at all for this scenario and so we were led to the cancellation of Eurovision 2020. Unlike last year, this year the team is working feverishly for each possible scenario, related to the evolution of the pandemic.

Which scenario will be chosen for Eurovision 2021?

Unfortunately Sietse Bakker is not yet able to answer this question. He said they would have to announce next month, the scenario they believe could be implemented in May, so essentially predicting the course of the pandemic by then. It is a very difficult thing, but it is in consultation with all the competent bodies, in order to make the right decision.

Scenario D is not the worst possible thing for Sietse Bakker, but to disappoint the fans of the competition and not have done everything in their power to have the best Eurovision, under these conditions.

Live on tape videos will offer a great variety in the contest

Jan Bors asked Sietse Bakker of course about the live on tape videos and if we would be able to watch them, even if in the end the contest is not based on scenario D.

The executive producer of the competition mentioned the differences that will exist in the process of live on tape videos, in relation to what was observed for Junior Eurovision.

The national broadcasters will be given more freedom to make their own scene, that is, not all scenes will be the same. Of course there will be some limits to this. Directing, each country will have the opportunity to present its own approach. According to Sietse Bakker, this will offer a great variety and even if these appearances need to compete, it will be of great interest to viewers.

It is a decision of the EBU whether these appearances will eventually be broadcast, in case we do not go to scenario D.

The vaccine will not be mandatory

Although he is a proponent of vaccination, Sietse Bakker is clear. This decision belongs to the politicians and they cannot make it. For their part, they will do everything possible to keep the artists alive in Rotterdam, many rapid tests and they will ask the delegations to stay as long as possible in the hotels, in order to reduce the possibility of one of them getting sick.

Will there finally be an audience at the Ahoy Arena?

The answer to this question will be given shortly before the competition, as no one is able to predict what the situation will be in the Netherlands in May. But Sietse Bakker promises in this regard, that both his own intention and that of the organizers is to have a Eurovision as “normal” as possible, if of course conditions allow.

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