Eurovision 2021: The song of Blind Channel brought Finland to the top of the bets!

The – so far – situation has been overturned by the release of the Blind Channel song for UMK 2021. The unique heavy metal sound of “Dark Side” has raised Finland to the top of the bets.

Counting almost 115,000 views after its first 21 hours of release, Blind Channel’s participation managed to dethrone the artists who were going to participate in Eurovision 2020 from the top of the betting predictions.

As of noon, Iceland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Russia were at the top of the betting table. The first two have already chosen their representatives last year, Lithuania is waiting for the song of The Roop and Russia is very likely to recruit the unconventional Little Big for another year.

Within hours, the Nordic country saw its winning odds fall from 30 to 8, climbing to the top of the list of the two betting companies currently providing odds for winning Eurovision 2021.

Of course, we should not ignore the fact that both companies are not purely bookmakers, but odds exchange. In these exchanges, everyone interested bets against other players and not against the platforms.

The sharp drop in Finland’s performance just hours after the official release of the Blind Channel song clearly shows a trend, with fans of the contest wanting Finland to return to its rock roots.

And with the popular band “Suomi” have this very opportunity, to give the Eurovision audience a sound that has been missed a lot from the competition.

Whether Blind Channel will eventually prevail in the Finnish national final and represent their country in the 65th Pan-European Song Contest is unknown. However, the chances are on their side and possibly their dynamics will allow Finland to return to the top ten for the first time since 2006 and the victory of the Lordi in Athens.

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