Ireland: Jedward submitted songs for Eurovision 2021!

Through Twitter, Jedward, the twins who represented Ireland at Eurovision 2011 and 2012, revealed that they have submitted songs to represent the country in the upcoming music contest!

Of course, this is not easy to accomplish, at least for 2021, since Irish public broadcaster, a few days earlier, confirmed Lesley Roy as the country’s representative in the contest. Of course, if the songs submitted by Jedward are remarkable, they could be selected for the competition beyond 2022.

Who are the Jedward?

Jedward (John and Edward Grimes) are twins and are a musical duo. They are 30 years old and became famous through their participation in the British X Factor. In 2011 they represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Lipstick, reaching eighth place, the best place the country has taken in the 21st century. The following year they won the Irish national final again with the song Waterline. They then competed in Eurovision 2012, but this time occupying the 19th place. They have participated in movies, reality shows, but also their lives became documentaries. In recent years they have also participated in advertising campaigns as models.

Would you like to see Jedward again in the Eurovision Song Contest?

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