Israel: Eden Alene will sing “Set Me Free” at Eurovision 2021!

The Israeli national final (HaShir Shelanu L’Erovizion) ended a few minutes ago. Eden Alene, the representative of Israel in Eurovision 2021, presented her three candidate songs through the video clips, while at the end it was announced the choice of the audience, who in the previous days voted online for their favorite. So the song with which Eden will compete in the First Semifinal of the competition, on May 18 is “Set Me Free”.

At the beginning we knew that the national final would be held live. However, due to the current circumstances, as announced by the country’s public broadcaster, we only saw the video clips, and the results of the online public voting. Although it was originally planned to have a jury, in the end it was decided to take into account only the vote of internet users. The three candidate songs were:

  • Set Me Free
  • La La Love
  • Ue La La

The presenter of the special show entitled HaShir Shelanu L’Erovizion was Lucy Ayoub who was one of the four presenters of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Israel. During the night there was a small discussion with the cast and we saw a video with Reactions. Of course in the Reaction video they could not be our “Eurovision Buddies”.

Did you agree with the result? Can Israel qualify at the 2021 Eurovision final?

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