Lithuania: Listen to The Roop’s “Discotheque”!

The big day for all The Roop fans has arrived. The long-awaited “Discoteque”, with which the band will participate in Pabandom Iš Naujo! 2021, released.

The big winners of last year’s Lithuanian national final and one of the big favorites to win the canceled Eurovision 2020 are back in order to get a ticket to Rotterdam for the second year in a row.

As the singer of the band, Vaidotas Valiukevičius mentioned, everyone in The Roop believes that they can win Pabandom Iom Naujo! and claim whatever chances they have of winning Eurovision 2021 in May.

The famous band has secured a direct place for the grand finale of Pabandom Iš Naujo! on February 6, while they will appear in tomorrow’s second qualifying round as a guest presenting their participation.

You can listen it below:


In a few hours the videoclip will be available also:


What do you think about The Roop’s new effort for Eurovision?


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